What is Superior Shindig?

An event long acquainted with our brand! Typically held yearly, we host an event filled with new products, accessories and sometimes even custom -building sets. We missed our event time last year due to moving facilities across the country, but we are excited to get back to our tradition. We recommend you load up these release times in your calendar/alarms, and plan to be ready just before every drop. We want you to get everything you're looking for, but note that our demand increases every year, and we can only create so many for sale. You'll see many favorites, new versions of past products and brand-new products the world has never seen before! Follow our list here to maximize your chances:

TMC's Superior Shindig Safety Sheet

  • Create an account if you do not have one. Auto-login with saved login.
  • If you're comfortable with it, have your browser save your payment info, it'll make checkout lightening fast.
  • Don't worry about free shipping selection, our checkout auto-selects it for you.
  • Grab a couple items at max, checkout and repeat until you're satisfied.
  • Double check your billing information is correct, shipping address too. We aren't able to change it afterwards.
  • Having an item in your cart does not mean it is held for you. Checkout quickly!
  • All sales are final, so please do not email us asking to cancel. 
  • There will be many orders for us to combine and pack, please be patient before emailing us about a status. (Wait a week)

Extra Benefit of FASTPass

Fast Pass Holders

2x Rewards per $1 spent

Access to passholder only collection

Larger 3x limit per item/per order

Passholder only products

1 surprise passholder gift

Public Customers

Rewards studs per $1 spent

Free domestic/international shipping 

1x limited per item/per order

Standard free event sticker

Intense wonder what passholders are getting