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U.S. Tri-Color Body (Ranger #01)

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Following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi Forces in 1990, the US DOD was faced with the very real necessity of outfitting a large number of combat personnel in camouflage uniforms suitable for desert warfare. Although the majority of military personnel deployed in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm wore either standard woodland pattern BDUs or the six-color desert pattern DBDU, the Army had already been developing a general purpose camouflage design more suitable to sparsely vegetated, sandy regions such as those found throughout Western Asia and North Africa. The resulting pattern, a three-color design, saw limited release in 1989 and was in full production by 1991, although a very small scattering of examples are known to have reached US forces during Desert Storm. Consisting of beige & earth brown horizontal waves on a sandy background, the US tricolor desert pattern (given the nickname "coffee stain" by some US personnel).