B2B Custom LEGO Guide

B2B Custom LEGO Guide

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Are you looking for a custom LEGO solution for your business? Fear not, we are here to help!

You'll need a few things before you go hunting a quote. 

1. A budget. This is essential for us to help mold the project to be realistic to your capacity. Sometimes we can't have everything, or maybe we want more than originally thought. 

2. Artwork. Please get all those logos, or if you're a creator yourself, your artwork for the figure. Send over to our email or upload with your form. This helps us understand how detailed and how much setup may be needed, thus giving us the needed information to make an accurate quotation quicker. 

3. Details. Did you want a printed torso? Or full figure? What colors? How many sides do you need printing on? Accessories? Lots of extra questions will be asked after your initial email, so the more you can tell us before, the better the initial quote will be!

Now on the printing. There are two types: UV Digital & Pad Printing. 

We are one of the forefront users of both mediums and have perfected quality and speed. If you have a lower budget or need a small number of items, UV Digital is the way to go. If you have a high volume, and higher budget with low color needs, then Pad Printing is the best. If you have a high budget, high amount of quantity needed, you may go with Pad Printing. 

Generally, we chose what is best for our clients, but on occasion they know exactly which method they want. We welcome clients who know what they want or need all the help to choose!

Ready to get your job rolling? Just fill out our quick and easy form here, and we'll be in touch within 1-2 days or less!

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