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Rocket Man & Friends

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Rocket Man & Friends


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Get ready for some out-of-this-world fun this April Fools' Day with the all-new Rocket Man and Friends LEGO figures! These hilarious and quirky figures will have you and your friends laughing for hours on end.

The Rocket Man figure comes with his trusty rocket launcher, greased hair, and a silly grin on his face. His best friend, Million Medal Man, is always by his side, ready to take off on any adventure. And don't forget about their other pal, Dastardly Duck Dude, who comes equipped with the worlds greatest camoflauge.

BrickArms© accessories and custom brick-built toy "rocket" are included. These are limited edition with numbered collector card. You can create your own silly scenes and hilarious scenarios.

But that's not all! The Rocket Man and Friends LEGO figures also come with a bonus prank feature. Just press a button on the back of the figures, and they'll emit a hilarious sound effect - from Rocket Man's signature "Another plate please!" to Million Medal Man's enthusiastic "Woof woof!" to the Duck's goofy "Ahhhhrgh!"

This April Fools' Day, surprise your friends and family with the gift of laughter and creativity with the Rocket Man and Friends LEGO figures. Whether you're a LEGO collector or just looking for a fun prank, these figures are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

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