MinifigsMonthly™ - Figure Box

Sold out

A discerning customer such as yourself knows when to get on to something good. Hear us out, we produce some of the best custom LEGO© out there and we've taken that to a new medium. You can now get 2 limited edition (we make them once and then they're gone forever 😱) per month starting at $32. That's a steal! Some places charge that for a single production level minifigure! We're giving you two limited edition minifigures. We guarantee purchasing this box of minifigures for a ton of months will increase your personal cool factor, give unlimited bragging rights to those that don't sign up for these and overall make us like you even better. Now if getting a company that makes custom LEGO© to like you isn't important, what really is?


Cut off for March’s Box is the 30th. This is for 1 box.

Early notices of shipment may occur. Shipment date will not be before the 30th.