Our annual 5 day long sale of exclusive, new and awesome printed LEGO! 


Friday 24th: 10 AM & 8 PM EST
Saturday 25th: 10 AM & 8 PM EST
Sunday 26th: 10 AM & 8 PM EST
Monday 27th: 7 AM & 8 PM EST
Tuesday 28th: 7 AM & 8 PM EST


Ordering Info:

At each time listed above, we will release a wave or figures/products. You can order them like any other product, but timing is key! You want to grab the item(s) you want and checkout fast. Pro-tip: Create a TMC account for faster checkout times. Once you order, go back and see if there's more you like. 

Shipping Info:

All Domestic orders ship for free via First Class Mail. If you want to get expedited shipping, pay for shipping on one order, and we'll send the rest in that package. 

International orders ship for free if $50 or over each. Anything under $50 will not receive free shipping. 

All orders are combined and shipped in one package. If you are an International customer and require multiple packages, you must pay for those shipments either during or after the event is over on the 28th. 

All orders will be fulfilled within 7 days of the events close. 


Check below some stuff we're working on for the sale!


TMC Week 2017