Every time you make a purchase from us, you earn studs that can be redeemed for rare BrickArms, gift-cards and exclusive products. Add-on to that bonus

points for sharing products, your orders and registering an account!

Go get em' tiger.

Compare our membership levels below

Plain O' Stud

  • Earn 1 studs per $1 spent

  • Access to Stud Shop

  • Standard Rewards Club Member

Silver Stud

  • Earn 2 studs per $1 spent

  • Access to Stud Shop

  • Gold Rewards Club Member

  • 10% Off Code (5 Uses)

  • Exclusive Silver Membership Card

    (Mailed to your door*)

Gold Stud

  • Earn 3 studs per $1 spent

  • Access to Stud Shop

  • Gold Rewards Club Member

  • 5% Off Code (Unlimited*)

  • Exclusive Gold Membership Card

    (Mailed to your door*)

Shipping Of Rewards:  All U.S. based redemptions will ship via USPS First Class Mail for free.  All International based redemptions will be billed $15 for shipping or can be held and combined with their next regular order.

*Memberships are active one calendar year from day of activation. Membership cards to be mailed 14-21 business days after purchase of membership via standard post in a letter envelope. TMC is not responsible for incorrect addresses. In the event of loss of membership card, a replacement may be purchased for $9.99. It can take up to 72 business hours for your account to be switched to a higher tier, in the event this time exceeds this, please contact us at sales@minifigco.com. Discount codes are to be delivered on the 1st of every month, or nearest business day if holiday falls on said day; these discount codes expire before the next code is administered at 11:59pm EST the day prior. Discount codes can not be used to purchase memberships, membership upgrades or gift cards. "Studs" can not be used to purchase memberships or membership upgrades. "Studs" do not hold any cash value and are redeemable for credit only. Gold member 5% discount codes are limited to 25 uses per calendar year. Silver member 10% discount codes are limited to 5 uses per calendar year. TMC may restrict use of "studs" on certain items. TMC may restrict the delay between using "studs" for purchasing gift cards. TMC has the right to modify, revoke or terminate membership at any time without compensation. Wholesale orders are not eligible for rewards studs/points, all wholesale customs will have rewards studs/points reversed. After one calendar year, customer has option to purchase a new membership, and if not, all perks of said membership will be ceased. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.