You dream it, we'll make it.


We're really into LEGO©, and if you're reading this, you probably are the same. We offer the premier choice for your custom project. We have no minimums, no maximums, and likely no limitations. We take it you're interested in having a custom minifig made, particularly a one-off. We'll make it easy for you, we charge $45 for each minifig. This includes design fees, custom packaging and parts. If there's any reason your request might run a little pricier than other's, we'll let you know. To get yours started today, simply checkout below.

Please email us details of your custom minifig to after submitting your order. (Include your order #)

If you're looking for larger numbers than 1 each, please go here.


Please note! We're preparing for BrickFair Virginia, so we'll be holding design/fulfillment of custom orders until August. (Updated 6/4/17)