Last Release of TMC Day III - Important Info!

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Alright folks! We're on the last 2 of 8 total release for TMC Day III, and we've decided to mix it up. 

We're splitting and listing the remaining TMC Day figures for these last two releases. We will list the items similar to the below image:

You'll find the product like any other and click add to cart. We're putting a specific number of each up for grabs, some have 1, some may have 20. As usual, grab what you can, and return for more if desired. 

All heads, helmets may vary.

The bodies are the same as pictured. We'll try out best to pick one that has a matching skin tone to the rest of your order but no promises. 

All figures will have matching arms like the photos. These are not weird combinations.

It's important to understand the figure you receive may not be an identical combination as pictured. They are randomly selected. 

Please let us know any questions if you have them, otherwise best of luck on the last waves!


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