April 2020 Update

Howdy everyone! 

As you may have known, we were ordered on a mandatory stay at home order from March 25th to April 10th. This meant no orders were being processed. It also meant all the newly released items on March 25th and on were a pre-order. They were not completed before we were forced to stay home. Please note while we're nearly completed, we are working daily to get everything ready and process your orders.


Please do not keep emailing and messaging us about where your order is if it was placed March 25th through now. These messages and questions slow down our ability to get everything printed, packed and to you. We'd like to make it as fast as we can!


If you made multiple orders but only got one confirmation for shipment/processing, that means we have combined your orders and will credit the extra shipping as soon as they've shipped.


We can not add to your orders, we can not make any edits to your orders now. Sorry!


USPS has extended delivery times for all services. Expect 1-3 additional days on the estimated transit time.


We thank everyone that has ordered and supported us, and we're working hard to get your TMC to you promptly!



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